The fact is, no TV bought since 1966 has
brought the home nations any luck

So we’re changing the game

Now all Hisense TVs come with a very special
component; a Lucky Chip*

To bring your nation good fortune at

Plus our full squad of products helps you
complete your match-day lucky rituals

A piping-hot pie for kick off

Perfectly chilled liquid luck

Lucky socks washed and ready

So your nation might almost definitely win

Make your own luck* with Hisense

Whether it’s the ‘lucky’ socks you have to wear for every game or some perfectly chilled liquid luck to celebrate a goal, it’s easy to create your own lucky ritual with Hisense. Then your nation might almost definitely win UEFA EURO 2020™.

Actual luck may vary depending on your nation’s performance. Purchase of a Hisense TV is in no way a predictor of your nation’s fortune at UEFA EURO 2020™. Read more Hisense cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, however so caused, when a TV purchase elevates expectations of national success at UEFA EURO 2020™. Nor can Hisense be held responsible if your nation’s star striker breaks a metatarsal, distal phalanges or clavicle after you purchase a TV with Lucky Chip technology. Hisense accepts no responsibility, liability or come to think about it, common or garden guilt, should your nation not be crowned the most glorious champions of Europe on Sunday 11th July 2021. Hisense Lucky Chip technology cannot be accessed or activated by watching your nation’s games on any other brand of TV while wearing your ‘lucky’ shirt, socks, waistcoat or inside out underpants that haven’t been washed since that hazy, crazy, hope-filled summer of 2018. Hisense Lucky Chip technology cannot be used or applied to bring luck to any other situation, context or potential outcome other than UEFA EURO 2020™. Should your nation win UEFA EURO 2020™, it is clearly, absolutely and unequivocally the result of Hisense’s Lucky Chip technology.